"Friends at work had used Bon Vie Home Builders to build their house, and they were satisfied, so I figured we'd give them a shot.  Around the end of January, we went to talk with them about building.  They sat down with us, and went over how it all works.  They got us what we wanted and helped us a lot.  We didn't have to do much research at all on our part.  It was very easy.  If you use a contractor around here, you have to constantly keep up with the electrician, the roofer, etc.  You don’t have to do that when you work with Bon Vie.  They take care of a lot of that for you.  From start to finish, it wasn't long, may have been a month from walking in their door to walking in ours.  We were in the house by the end of February and the project started in January.  We couldn't have asked for a smoother process, and would definitely recommend them to anyone.   Bon Vie has just done this for a long time and they have learned to streamline the process.  I was off work the whole time too, so I got to oversee all of the building, and I even do some work like this on the side, so I can tell you, they really did a good job."

Corey Carney

"Just wanted you to know I've heard nothing but praise for your work crew here in Walthall County!  Two different people have expressed admiration for the work ethic and quality job.  Thanks for your business!"

Brenda Huhn

"We had our 2,200 square foot home built this past January a little outside of Laurel.  Here's how it all got started.  My wife and I were thinking about building.  We ended up visiting with Bon Vie a couple times.  They were so super nice and honest about everything, very up front.  When the structure of the house got done in 4 days, my jaw just dropped.  They had it completely framed up and ready for the rest of the crew to come in.  It was remarkable.  They knew what they were doing.  There was never any back talk or arguing going on.  I was here the whole time and watched.  I used to build homes myself, and so I can tell you they did a marvelous job.  To this day I cannot see how they built it in less than a month.  There is no doubt Bon Vie and their team are just efficient, the 40+ years of experience shows.   When the first crew came in, they did their part and they left, there was no playing around, no waiting two or three months for someone to come back and finish their part.   The crew would take their little 10 minute breaks and they were back at it.  Back in the day when I was building, it took us a month to build one like that.  They made sure we covered everything we needed for our home before we signed anything, even down to how many sockets and lights, so there were no surprises.  All we had to do was make up our mind, and then they'll do it.  In less than a month, we were in it!  Bon Vie absolutely exceeded my expectations.  My wife and I would completely recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone looking to build a home.  We can see the quality and welcome anyone to come take a look for themselves.  Most of all, Gary stood behind what he said, just went above and beyond without thinking twice, like it was just natural for him to be like that.  Even the supervisor Pam who was out here was awesome, everything we talked about she related to and got it taken care of. The workers were completely professional and just got to it.  Thank you so much again for your quality work and honesty."

Albert West

"I used Bon Vie to build my home.  It was an amazing experience.  T and Sara are both awesome.  They care, which is hard to find.  They want to see you in your home.  I am so happy with the finished product.  Some people think when a home is built so quickly, the quality will be lack luster.  Those people are wrong.  Bon Vie wants you to be happy with the finished product.  Building a house can be stressful but they are there to help. Choose them.  You really wont regret it."


Samantha Varner

"We have been in our home for over a year now and we are very happy.  I recommend Bon Vie Home Builders, LLC if you are considering building a home."

Casey Holmes

"Love our Bon Vie Home!!!!"

Jeff Cook

"Just wanted to say we are very happy with the build and many thanks to Bon Vie for everything.  Would like to give a special thanks to T and Sparky and Sara to make this build as painless as possible.  Highly recommended."

Nick & Lacey Bates

"Love my Bon Vie home."

Pat Chandler

"Thanks Bon Vie team. Everyone is real professional.  Very good job, thank you."

Rodney Page

"We love it! Thanks Bon Vie!!"

Kristen Hutchinson

"Thank you all Bon Vie, y’all are the best.  Sara you are good at your profession! Changed our lives!"

John Lacey

"I've heard building a home can be one of the most stressful things you'll ever do, but not with Bon Vie!  Despite both my husband and I being frontline and essential workers and building a home during a pandemic, it was still a stress-free and enjoyable experience.   Sara, Ms. T and Sparky are without a doubt some of the best people you will ever meet and want nothing more than to make sure you love your new home.  They treated us like family, which is not something you expect in businesses in this day and age.  We love our beautiful new home and love the people at Bon Vie. 

Thank you so much for caring for our little family the way you did!"

Shannon Blailock