What is the process?

You come to us owning your land.  Once you have your preapproval for your financing you are ready to get started! At that time, we will schedule your prelim appointment. There will be a $350 fee due at that time. You will pick your plan and we will order a lot inspection.  Once we get your lot inspection back, we will be ready to sign contracts and order your appraisal.   While we are waiting for the appraisal to come back, you will come in to pick out all your colors and materials.  As soon as the appraisal is in, we are ready to turn your home over to construction and get started. 

What happens at the lot inspection?

After your prelim appointment we will order a lot inspection.  Each home comes with a budget for the dirt work which consists of a 1-2-foot differential on all four corners.  He will also look for proper ingress and egress and anything that may be in the way of construction.  After we get the lot inspection back, we will know if there are any additional charges associated with your property.  You can include any additional charges into your loan if you wish. 

Can I add a garage or carport to my plan?

Yes, a garage, carport or patios can be added to any plan for an additional cost. 

What about lights and appliances?

We will give you a $500 allowance towards your light fixtures that you get once your roof goes on. You purchase them and the appropriate bulbs.  You will also purchase your appliances, stove, microwave or vent above the stove, and your dishwasher.  We give you a specific date to have the lights and those appliances at the job site and we will install them.  Refrigerator, washer, and dryer stay off the job site until after closing.  We will provide all necessary hook ups for them. 

How do the utilities work?

You have 3 utilities, power, water, and sewer. 

Water: You will need to have a water meter on your lot. We will run 60’ to connect to your water meter. 

Power: Once you stake your house call the power company.  They will send out an engineer who will show you where the power will enter the home as well as stake where they would like us to set the temporary power pole. 

Sewer: You will contact the Heath Department to order a perk test.  That test will tell you what type of septic tank you need.  You are responsible for the septic tank and install expenses.  We will run all the interior sewer lines.  The septic tank gets installed after your brick goes on your home.

What about improvements to my lot?

You will want to install driveways, sidewalks, landscaping, and mailboxes after we are finished with construction and you have closed on your home.  Any improvements to the land would be your responsibility.

What warranties come with my house?

We provide a 10-year structure warranty though Centricity.  There is also a 1-year warranty through Bon Vie Home Builders on the function of everything on the inside and on the outside of your home.

What are my financing options?

You can use your own local bank and request a construction loan.  We can also refer you to someone who can handle your preapproval and financing. 

Who is responsible for clean up? 

You as the buyer(s) are responsible for all clean up. This will include inside the home and the outside yard. If you are unable to do so Bon Vie Home Builders, LLC will assist you for a fee of $4,500.00.

What if I want changes after construction begins?

Any changes made by the buyer(s) after construction has started are subject to a $100.00 fee payable at the time of the change, moving light fixtures will start at $300.00. Any changes made can accrue additional charges. These charges are due payable at the time the change order is rendered. Fee is waived only when a supplier cannot get a particular item.

What happens if I don’t supply the fixtures by the appointed date?

There will be a $300.00 fee for every additional trip to the job site a sub-contractor makes if there is a delay in construction due to any items the customer is supplying such as light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, etc that are not delivered when customer has been giving date and time to do so.

What will Bon Vie Home builders, LLC provide?

Bon Vie Home Builders, LLC will provide the buyer(s) with the following:

  • The client(s) may choose two paint colors and one trim color for the inside of the home from the samples made available by Bon Vie Home Builders, LLC.


  • The client(s) may choose one trim color, one color for hardi plank, and one brick from the samples made available by Bon Vie Home Builders,LLC

  • The client(s) may choose from granite counter top colors from the samples made available by Bon Vie Home Builders, LLC.

  • The client(s) may choose carpet and vinyl plank flooring colors from the samples made available by Bon Vie Home Builders, LLC.

  • The client(s) will pick the style and color of cabinet doors.

  • Interior walls will have a textured finish.

  • All windows and exterior doors will be insulated.

  • The client(s) will receive a $500.00 allowance from Bon Vie Home Builders, LLC to purchase lighting.

  • The home will include attic access with scuttle hole or pull down stairs.

  • Bon Vie Home Builders, LLC will provide a 50 gallon electric hot water heater.

  • Bon Vie Home Builders, LLC will provide an electric heat and air unit to fit the size of the house.

  • Bon Vie Home Builders, LLC will also install R13 insulation in the exterior walls and R30 in the attic.

  • Bon Vie Home Builders, LLC has a ten (10) year structural warranty on all homes through Centricity.

  • Bon Vie Home Builders, LLC will assist the client(s) with the permanent financing of a new home or you can request a construction loan from your local bank.